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Il ritorno di Leonardo a Milano

By Enrica Passalacqua Il 2015 per Milano è un anno d’oro per la riscoperta della sua storia culturale. La volontà di far riemergere la Milano romana, il restyling della Darsena e la creazione del nuovo Museo della Pietà Rondanini ne … Continue reading

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A 100-year-old Rap

By Giuliano Gaia All the ingredients are present: the ghetto, avoided by the police; the prostitute, young and beautiful and destined for a terrible end; the dirty cop; and the public revolt through angry verse. Except it is not Los … Continue reading

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The Table-Museum at our space, Art in the City

By Giuliano Gaia The idea of a museum doesn’t immediately come to mind when first presented with the charming tables built by Gianluca Serra, in which everyday objects (mechanical pieces, buttons, coin-operate telephones, compasses, pens, fish hooks) float in transparent … Continue reading

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The Turin Museum of Cinema: A dream for all

If cinema is the dream, then the National Museum of Cinema is a web of dreams. Maria Adriana Prolo, a young Turinese woman, dreamt of building a grandiose museum of cinema in Turin. An enduring dream, one that experienced ups … Continue reading

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