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We strongly believe that by fostering innovation in arts and culture we help people to have a memorable cultural experience. 


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Digital Innovation 

As pioneers of the digital communication for the arts, we have a unique experience to identify the best human centred digital tools for your cultural organisation and audience.

Culture & Tourism Consulting 

We help tourism authorities, museums, cultural institutions, NGOs and private companies to develop cultural projects to better communicate and promote their heritage.

Interactive Workshops

We deliver highly interactive educational workshops on cultural communication tailored for your university or cultural organisation.

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Public Speaking

We are engaging and effective public speakers in Italian and English with an extensive experience of talks in conferences in USA and Europe.
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Cultural Formats 

We create and experiment new and highly engaging cultural formats that make people better enjoy and understand art and history.

Papers and Books

We produce scientific papers for international conferences and guidebooks for the cultural audience and the general public.

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