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Museums+AI Workshop, Milan 9 October 2023



9 OCTOBER 2023

2 - 5pm
IULM University, Milan

( NB: This is a physical only event )

Unlocking the Ethical Aspects of AI
for Museums

Are you worried or excited about the impact of AI in the museum world? Do you envision a future where technology and ethics seamlessly intersect, enriching cultural experiences for all? Or is your institution fearful of losing control in such a fast moving world? In both cases our workshop on "Ethics and AI for Museums" is for you!


 About the Workshop 

We at InvisibleStudio have been at the forefront of digital innovation for museums since 1995 and we conducted the first experiments with AI in 2003.

The recent explosion in generative AI means that museums have to quickly adapt to the new landscape and understand how to make the most of it ethically. To help museums in doing so we have partnered with two leading institutions, the Goldsmiths University in London and IULM AI Lab in Milan.

Together we designed
 a groundbreaking workshop focused on navigating the ethical landscape of AI in museums.
This hands-on event brings together museums, university researchers and private companies to explore the responsible integration of AI technologies in cultural institutions.

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 Why Attend? 

  1. Shape the Future
    Gain insights into the various possibilities of AI to enhance museum interactions, education, and curation while keeping ethical considerations at the forefront.


  2. Ethics Unraveled
    Dive into thought-provoking discussions on the ethical implications of AI applications in the museum domain, led by prominent experts in the field.


  3. Empower Your Organization
    Acquire practical frameworks and guidelines to implement ethical AI projects in your museum, building trust and transparency with your audience.


  4. Networking Opportunities
    Connect with like-minded professionals, fostering collaborations and partnerships that will shape the future of AI in museums.

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 What to expect? 

  1. Engaging Presentations
    Our 5 speakers will present AI case histories from Italian and international museums, delving deep into the related ethical problems 

  2. Hands-on Activities
    Divided in teams, you will imagina an AI project for a museum,
    applying the AI toolkit presented during the workshop.


  3. Q&A Sessions
    A chance to seek guidance fro
    m our experts and discuss specific AI challenges faced by your museum

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 Who should attend? 

  • Museum Curators and Directors 

  • University Researchers 

  • Private Companies developing AI projects for Museums

  • Consultants

​In short, anyone with a good English knowledge and an interest in AI Museum Projects is welcome to attend.

Previous AI technical knowledge or programming skills not required. 

Organised by

InvisibleStudio LTD

A cultural innovation studio based in London and Milan, working with international museums and universities, funded by Giuliano Gaia and Stefania Boiano  


A spin-off by the IULM University of Milan, dedicated to the study and promotion of Artificial Intelligence for business and humanity 

Museums+AI Network

An international project by Goldsmiths University London and Pratt Institute, New York

Conference program


  • Presentation of the IULM AI Lab

  • Presentation of the Museums+AI Network

  • Presentation of the AI Toolkit

  • Italian and international Case Histories

  • Teamwork to elaborate Museum AI Projects 

  • Feedback and ethical considerations

Oonagh Murphy

Goldsmiths University

Museums+AI Network

Guido Di Fraia

AI Lab
IULM University

Giuliano Gaia

InvisibleStudio LTD

IULM University

Hosts & Workshop Facilitators

Paolo Mazzanti &
Marco Bertini

University of Florence / H2020 Reinherit Consortium

"AI Vision"

Luca Melchionna


"AI and attempts not to reinvent the wheel. Lessons learned in the recent past"

Francesco Ronchi


"AI experiments at the
Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin" 



Fingertip on mobile phone

 Where & When  

When & Where 
Monday 9 October 2023

from 2pm to 5pm

Via Carlo Bo 1, 20143 Milano (Italy)

Underground Line 2 Romolo IULM

It's a physical only event.

Duration and cost

3 hours with a short break

Free to attend upon registration.

Limited Places!

The workshop will be in English language.

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