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Virtual Exhibition on Pandemic Art

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IULM University - Milan




  • Technical Selection of Online VE Platform

  • Students Training

  • Development coordination


The pandemic period has caused many collateral damages. Among those, museums and galleries had to close their doors and all of their activities. This has also meant the impossibility for the Arts MA students of IULM University, the leading contemporary art university in Milan, to deliver their annual art exhibition, which represents the highlight of their academic course.

IULM University decided to transform this problem into an opportunity to experiment with something new. They asked InvisibleStudio to help their students design and develop an online 3D exhibition on how contemporary artists were portraying the ongoing pandemic into their art. 

We accepted the challenge, because we were fascinated by the double novelty of the exhibition: being virtual and being the first panorama about the pandemic art on an international basis.

The exhibition included five thematic areas: misinformation, the feeling of living in a suspended time, the experience of living at home in lockdown, the new perception of the self-image and the meaning of connection. The goal of the exhibition was to invite the visitor to wonder about the meaning of  "new normality" in each of those areas. Among the international artists presented in the Online Virtual Exhibition: Ai Weiwei, William Kentridge, Tracey Emin, Takashi Murakami, Rolling Stones, Francesco Vezzoli, Zerocalcare,  just to name a few.


We tested a variety of 3D virtual exhibitions platforms and selected Kunstmatrix as the most reliable, effective, flexible and user friendly for both, the end user and the students themselves who had to use it to create the exhibition. We trained the students in designing a compelling 3D experience capable of transmitting the richness, complexity and variety of content (paintings, illustrations, photographs, videos, animations, Instagram posts). 


The virtual exhibition was launched on the 10th December of 2020 and ran until May 2021. It's been hailed on Italian specialised art newspapers as the first of its kind.



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