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Da Vinci’s Time Machine



Gattinoni Tour Company




  • Event Concept and planning

  • Script writing

  • Actor selection and rehearsal

  • Guide selection and training

  • Logistics

  • Short video production


Gattinoni is one of the biggest Italian tour operators, specialising in the corporate incentive sector. They asked us to provide an unforgettable cultural experience for groups of employees of one of their best corporate clients. The experience had to be at the same time entertaining and informative.


We designed a theatrical tour about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, turning a traditional Milan highlights walking tour into an interactive experience thanks to an actor interpreting an assistant of Leonardo da Vinci, brought to our time thanks to a fictional Time Machine invented by Leonardo himself. This theatrical plot allowed the public to discover all the differences between Leonardo’s time and ours in a light and entertaining way. The tour was designed with experienced actors from the most important theatrical company of Milan,  the celebrated Piccolo Teatro company, founded by international theatre star Giorgio Strehler. The actors were carefully selected, dressed in realistic Renaissance costumes and trained by our history expert, PhD in Milan History from the University of Milan. The result was a mix of traditional tour and theatrical experience, using the whole city centre as a stage.


Even if the tour was originally meant to be a one-off experience, the enthusiastic feedback from the client led Gattinoni to repeat our tour in the following months, both in Italian and English.


Clients were enthusiasts. They had much fun and discovered new and unexpected things about Milan, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance.

- Gatttinoni

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