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Last Supper Experience







  • Format concept and creation

  • Cultural content research

  • Multimedia presentation production

  • Cultural User experience design

  • Set-up

  • Instructor selection and training

  • Online and offline promotion


How to create a unique cultural experience based on the Last Supper in Milan? LeonardoaMilano needed a new and revolutionary idea to innovate its guided tours to the Last Supper for Italian and international visitors alike.


Learning by doing is a well-known principle, dating back to Aristotle, going all the way to modern pedagogists like Malcolm Knowles, who wrote: “the primary techniques in education are experiential ones”. Our idea was to incorporate that principle into a classic guided tour like the Last Supper Tour  to maximise learning impact and fun. We decided to make people re-enact the Last Supper themselves before being brought to see the real Last Supper. The experience involves dressing up as the Apostles and assume the same body positions of the original characters, as they were imagined by Leonardo. This way tourists and visitors from all backgrounds and of all ages can appreciate the subtleties of Leonardo composition and really understand the magnificent “theatre of emotions” he wanted to put on stage. The result is a fun-packed, highly interactive experience which proved incredibly attractive and successful.


Over 1000 visitors from every part of the world tried our Last Supper Experience, with enormous appreciation, as proved by the enthusiastic Tripadvisor reviews. Newspapers, travel guides and blogs were ready positive reviews on the Last Supper Experience, like La RepubblicaTrivago, and many others.


***** We had so much fun reenacting the painting, which gave us a deeper connection to the real thing when we got there. I would strongly recommend joining this tour. It was great. “Great Way to See The Last Supper” 

***** It was highly informative, and lots of fun. If you have the time to devote to such an experience, it will greatly enhance your appreciation of the painting. “A fun and interactive way to experience and to discover The Last Supper” 

***** Excellent! This was a fantastic tour that really allowed one to understand the composition of a master piece with a fun and creative interactive workshop before seeing the work first hand. “Great to act in a masterpiece by Leonardo” -

***** I thought I knew a lot about Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper but the amazing re-enacting of the masterpiece allowed me to understand al lot of details and then to watch at the original with completely experienced new eyes and mind.


- From Tripadvisor

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