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Malta Culture Guide App



Malta Tourism Authority, UK




  • Benchmarking

  • App concept

  • Information architecture and UX design

  • Logo design

  • Mobile user interface design

  • Copy writing

  • iPhone and Android App development

  • Usability testing

  • Promo video for the World Travel Market, London 2010

  • Mobile analytics


Malta, Gozo and Comino host a quantity of very important cultural sites, from megalithic temples to baroque churches and impressive fortresses built by the Knights of St.John over the centuries. How to effectively convey this rich and varied cultural heritage in a way at the same time appealing for the technologically savvy and easy to use for the average visitor?


Our answer was the concept, design and production of a comprehensive mobile app specifically designed to work both online and off-line, and to be at the same time elegant and usable. After an extensive background historical research and many interviews and on-site visit we produced text descriptions and photos covering 30 locations around Malta and Gozo. All content was studied in order to be easily used on a mobile device: for example we broke up long texts into smaller, more readable pieces of information, with an engaging writing style. We offered both Google online maps and an offline map to meet the needs of users without Wi-Fi connection to avoid roaming costs. The app was translated in 4 languages (English, Italian, French and German).


With over 35,000 downloads, the iPhone app was a great success, and was featured as one of the most interesting apps at the World Travel Market 2010, the leading tourism industry trade fair. Thanks to the positive feedback the Malta Tourism Authority decided to sustain it over time, investing on progressive enhancements of the App. An Android version has been published in 2013.

Just a short note to thank you and congratulate your team for the production of the Malta Culture Guide iPhone application. We are receiving very good feedback from users and we are particularly impressed by the high quality of the text and copy writing, which was flawless throughout. The flow of the text, the language used and the thorough knowledge shown in preparing the text goes a long way in showing that InvisibleStudio  entrusted with writing the texts for the Application was well prepared and conducted the necessary research to carry out the job. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again on other projects in the future.

- Claude Zammit Trevisan - UK Office - Malta Tourism Authority

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