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Malta Culture Guide Website


Malta Tourism Authority, Central Office Malta




  • Benchmarking

  • Background research and copywriting

  • Image research and on-site photography

  • Information architecture

  • User experience design

  • Web interface design

  • Web and CMS development

  • SEO optimization

  • Web analytics reporting


The Malta Tourism Authority needed to provide tourists with the ultimate online resource on the rich Maltese Cultural Heritage. A website that could address a vast variety of users, on a variety of devices: smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, as well as giving them an extensive knowledge of the splendid Maltese historical and cultural background.


Our cultural mission was undertaken with maximum enthusiasm. We described more than 50 locations  with images, texts and insider’s tips, ranging from megalithic temples to baroque churches and splendid palaces. We took extra care in keeping a captivating writing style and to select high-quality images capable of conveying the fascinating beauty of the Maltese islands and the distinctive quality of its Mediterranean light, with SEO optimisation to maximise the reach of the website. To get maximum flexibility in updating the website we developed one single content management system for both the website and the Android app, so that any content update appears simultaneously on the website and the app.


The Malta Culture Guide website was launched in November 2013, and got a steadily growing audience from day 1.

The Malta Culture Guide website produced by InvisibleStudio and the Malta Tourism Authority originally included UNESCO Cultural Sites in Malta but due to the excellent results achieved it was extended further and it is now one of the best Cultural websites which highlights Malta’s incredible heritage. InvisibleStudio acclimatized themselves quickly to the Maltese Cultural reality and produced a fresh and most interesting website which does honour Malta’s Cultural heritage and identity.

- Dominic Micallef, Segment Head History&Culture, Malta Tourism Authority

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