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New Museum Exhibit Digital Prototyping



Imperial War Museums • London




  • Training Concept and Design

  • Training Delivery

  • Training Materials Production


The Imperial War Museums are arguably the most important military history institution in the world. Their flagship Lambeth building has been renovated by the celebrated architect Norman Foster in 2014, and is now working on its Second World War Galleries, due to be opened in 2021.

A huge challenge: the new galleries have to duplicate the success of the First World War Galleries opened in 2014 which became immediately popular. Moreover, they have to convey all the complex meaning of the global conflict to an audience as vast and varied as possible.

Multimedia will play a key role, and that’s why InvisibleStudio was involved to create and train a special team of curators, educators, exhibition and multimedia designers to work together and co-create new and innovative digital exhibits.


Using our version of Design Thinking especially adapted for the cultural sector and already tested at the Museo Egizio of Turin and the House Museums of Milan we conducted a fast and effective training of three intense days over three weeks, in order to minimize impact on the staff busy schedules.

A few visitors were carefully selected as “extreme visitors” at the opposite ends of dimensional scales of interest in the subject, involvement with the museum, age, language, digital expertise and knowledge about the subject. Those visitors were involved in the project both as inspirers for the creative team and testers for the final digital prototypes.


At the end of the “fast training” the team created and tested two different multimedia concepts receiving clear indications for their future projects, having learnt a methodology easy to be applied on the whole of the galleries and future exhibitions.


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