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New Urban Body


Fondazione Housing Sociale • Milano




  • Exhibition Concept Consultancy

  • Production Team Creation

  • UX Consultancy


Fondazione Housing Sociale in Milan (Italy) creates high-impact social projects, offering homes at affordable rents and promoting the formation of smart communities with shared spaces, tools and services.

In order to promote the Social Housing concept, Fondazione Housing Sociale had the idea to create an interactive exhibition about Urban Regeneration, titled “New Urban Body – Experiences of Urban Generation” at the famous Triennale Design Museum in the center of Milan. The challenge was, how to make this brilliant idea real within a very tight timescale (only a few months) without putting at risk the message to communicate?


InvisibleStudio quickly assembled  a production team in partnership with ETT SpA capable of projecting and delivering in a few months the whole exhibition set-up, together with the graphics and all the digital interactive.

The exhibition was an interactive adventure, based on different modules, where visitors could experiment in 1st person how urban regeneration processes work. Large projections, interactive tablets and sensor-based videos created the digital environment where visitors could be engaged and discover all the nuanced complexities of how to tackle social challenges in contemporary big cities.


The exhibition was completed within time and budget, and having been designed with a set-up particularly easy to disassemble and re-assemble it has been on tour in six different cities: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Palermo, Modena and Turin. In January 2019 the exhibition was included in the ADI Design Index 2018, the publication of the Italian Association for Industrial Design showcasing the best design projects of 2018.


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