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The Art of Innovation







Bayer, one of the most important worldwide pharmaceutical corporations, wanted to organise an educational activity for their international legal managers meeting in Milan. They asked us to imagine something at the same time educational and entertaining to complete their 3-day meeting program.


  • Workshop Design&Delivery

  • Team Building exercise design&Delivery

  • Photo&Video documentation


We designed a two-sessions activity based on art & culture as a key innovation factor. We referred to two different moments in history where cultural innovation was at its best: Renaissance and XX Century Avant-Garde Art Movements.


We split the training in two moments: a frontal lesson to convey theoretical concepts and a hands-on fun activity to stick innovative concepts in mind. First we delivered a speech on “how to think like Leonardo da Vinci“, examining how Leonardo’s new way of looking at reality helped him discover new and exciting ideas. Then we brought the managers in the historical centre of Milan and involved them in a surrealist art game with a strong accent on team-building and lateral thinking. Part of the game was set in an exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci’s machines, in order to offer a better consistency with the previous workshop.


The participants were all very satisfied and the Bayer event manager expressed his gratitude for the professionalism with which the activities were designed and delivered and especially for our capability to create an intellectually stimulating and challenging experience.


Project very well organised, thanks to all of you. We particularly appreciated the dedicated attention of the entire staff. You all showed genuine interest and concern for the success of the event. It was important for us that your staff was there, not only when we needed them, but from start to finish and even longer. We are grateful for their dedication and tireless input.

- Bayer

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