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The Romantic Notebook with Moleskine

For the beautiful “Romanticism” exhibition now open at Poldi Pezzoli and Gallerie d’Italia museums in Milan we have imagined and designed a “Romantic Notebook”, both digital and print (thanks to a collaboration with the well-known Moleskine notebook publisher).

The "Romanticismo" Exhibition at the Gallerie d'Italia Museum.
The "Romanticismo" Exhibition at the Gallerie d'Italia Museum.

Romanticismo is a major exhibition aiming to shine a light on painting and sculpture from the first half of that century. It features 200 works and is being held jointly at the Gallerie d’Italia and the Museo Poldi Pezzoli – institutions 100m apart in the centre of Milan.

The "Romanticismo" Exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.
The "Romanticismo" Exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.

Romantic travellers used notebooks to write and paint their impressions of the sublime locations they visited. We proposed the exhibition organisers to create a "romantic notebook" composed by a booklet of 20 locations tied to Romanticism in and around Milan, coupled with a personalized blank Notebook specifically produced by well-known Moleskine brand.

The notebook invited the museum visitors to visit the romantic locations listed in the notebook and use the blank pages to write, draw or paint their impression.

In other words, we invited visitors to become Romantic travellers themselves, following the path of their XIX predecessors.

Making visitors actively interacting with the exhibitions is one of our mantras. By being active, the cultural emotions impress your soul in a much more significant way, and by putting yourself in a creative mode you can better understand the struggle of the artist.

The "Romantic Notebook" designed by InvisibleStudio and printed by Moleskine

The Romantic Notebook has also been produced on a PDF version for online downloading and was the base of a Social Media competition by Poldi Pezzoli Museum for visitors to send their writings and watercolours produced using the notebook and visited the suggested locations.

Two watercolours arrived for the Romantic Notebook Social Media contest

The notebook has been featured on major Italian newspapers like Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica.

The Romantic Notebook featured on Corriere della Sera.
The Romantic Notebook featured on Corriere della Sera.




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