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Why CX is Crucial for Museums

No, we are not talking about the iconic Citroen CX, but it was a lovely car, so we couldn’t help paying a little homage to it :)

In the last decade, people dealing with digital products had to become familiar with two letters: UX (User Experience).

Ease of use and an overall attention to the user needs and how they are met by the product or service make or break the success of the product.

The first iPhone is a classical example: not the first or more powerful smartphone around, but certainly the easiest to use, therefore the winner.

The classic elements of Digital UX

The classic elements of Digital UX

UX was mainly born in the digital realm, but its core mantra CARE ABOUT THE USER is finally evolving into a more encompassing vision of the relationship with the user: CX, or Customer Experience.



That’s why we delivered a talk at the CXNow! conference in Milan on the 20th of June 2018. We brought to the conference the only museum case history on their program, our Design Thinking project with the Museo Egizio of Turin. Museum CX will become more and more important in the future.




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