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Room 55 - Our Augmented Reality Project at the National Gallery of London

This Linkedin post shared by the Artivive team has effectively captured the essence of our goal: to demonstrate the "subversive" potential of Augmented Reality technology in a powerful manner by unveiling concealed mechanisms.

Linkedin Post from Artivive about our project at the National Gallery
Linkedin Post from Artivive

Our intention

In this particular instance, our intention was to highlight that even renowned art masterpieces were subject to the influence of social and political forces that sought to shape their underlying messages. The prevalence of such influences was particularly apparent during the Renaissance era, primarily due to prevailing commissioning practices.

A frame from our video highlighting a word visible through augmented reality
A frame from our video

Furthermore, our aim was to embark on an experiment that showcased the simplicity of creating an Augmented Reality exhibition within a museum, without having to cooperate with the museum itself. This proved to be an effortless undertaking, owing to the National Gallery's provision of high-quality images of their paintings on their website, available for free download. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of the Artivive development platform facilitated the process significantly.

The Boston MFA prank article
The Boston MFA prank

How Augmented Reality comes in handy

Considerable advancements have transpired since 1997 when an audacious prankster had to resort to surreptitiously replacing a tape from the official audioguide at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with a pirate audioguide, running the risk of detection by security guards. In contemporary times, thanks to Augmented Reality, numerous artists can effortlessly showcase their virtual artworks within the galleries of the most celebrated museums.

As is customary with digital platforms, a predicament arises in the form of informative asymmetry. Although the creation of content has become more accessible, the challenging aspect lies in promoting it, which necessitates substantial influence and financial resources. Nevertheless, a growing array of guerrilla tools is now available to empower the creative "Robin Hoods" of today, stimulating experimentation and reflection.

How our Augmented Reality "Room 55" works

  1. Start off by downloading the Artivive app on your smartphone or tablet from either the Apple store or Google store.

  2. Once you have it, head on over to the National Gallery in London (free entrance)

  3. Now comes the exciting part—simply take out your device and point it at the paintings in Room 55.

  4. Augmented Reality unfolds right before your eyes!

  5. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts :)




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