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5VIE design district at Milan's Fuorisalone: a visual reportage.

This year, for Fuorisalone, 5VIE project was developed with the intent of shedding light on one of Milan’s oldest neighbourhoods, rich in historical buildings, roman ruins, and beautiful hidden courtyards.

We decided to participate in this interesting project with shows in our space on via Medici, 15. Here you will find pictures and tables influenced by Pop Art, glass vases that are  thin as though they were made from bamboo, and colourful chandeliers that recall the subtle forms of flowers. The artists: Gianluca Serra, Jitka Skuhravà and Birds Design.

The acrobats of the circus , sinuous and delicate as the dishes on which they were painted.

A fresh holiday atmosphere, bags and beautiful wooden ice creams.

The decadence of white, wood and the slight scent of lemons.

A secret courtyard, a table and apples: a place to relax hidden in Milan

Modern and vintage design contrast perfectly in an almost surreal atmosphere.

Stop a minute to reflect and appreciate the little things in life.

Lightness and simplicity are the keywords.

I advise abandoning maps and cellular phones in order to lose yourself completing to the beauty of these places.  Getting lost in these streets is easy and what awaits will be full of pleasant surprises.




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