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The Table-Museum exhibited at our space, Art in the City Milano

The idea of a museum doesn’t immediately come to mind when first presented with the charming tables built by Gianluca Serra, in which everyday objects (mechanical pieces, buttons, coin-operate telephones, compasses, pens, fish hooks) float in transparent resin.

What is the difference between a button torn from a dress and a piece of fresco from a church or even a Roman urn? Apart from the value of each object, there is no difference. In both cases, the objects are stripped from their original context and frozen in time, much in the same way a mosquito is trapped in amber, eternal yet no longer able to fly.

While at the same time separated from their everyday meaning, these objects are able to reconstruct new meanings. For example, new relationships with each other, in which a key ring can dialog with an alarm clock and the cover of a book with a Soviet medal.

Philosophical musings aside, Gianluca Serra’s tables are beautiful and I invite you to come see for yourself at Art in the City at Via Medici 15 from April 8th to 13th, 2015. We would like to know what you think of them.




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