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InvisibleStudio featured on Museums and the Web

Museums and the Web is the most important US conference for digital technologies in museums. We wrote an article for their website regarding our chatbot project for the House Museums of Milan. 

Museums and the Web Conference (courtesy Museums and the Web)

Museums and the Web is a conference we are particularly attached to. It's been one of the first conferences on Museums Digital Technology, an historic conference, always full of interesting people and presentations, and we've been there 7 times, presenting our projects and using it also as an opportunity to visit American cities like New Orleans, Seattle and Washington D.C.

Its original founders, David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, and its current chair, Nancy Proctor, are great museum professionals who became friends over the years. One of the things we appreciate the most about the conference is that they publish all the papers for free on their website. This means that in over 20 years of conferences they have created a mass of interesting content that is a living history of the technological development of museums.

With 6 published papers, we are proud of being part of that history.

Our paper on chatbots for museums

That's why we are happy to see our 7th paper for Museums and the Web published on their website. Co-authored with Ann Borda of the University of Melbourne and Stefania Rossi of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, the paper explores the history of conversational interfaces before delving into the description of the case history of our chatbot game developed for the House Museums of Milan.

You can read the full paper on the Museweb conference website.




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