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Non-linear storytelling workshop at Scuola Holden

Scuola Holden is the most famous creative writing school in Italy, being founded by celebrated writer Alessandro Baricco. We are happy to have been selected for teaching a very innovative course for their “Digital Storytelling” students.

A lesson at Scuola Holden - Photo (c) Il Post
A lesson at Scuola Holden - Photo (c) Il Post

The Scuola Holden

Scuola Holden was born in 1994 from a group of creative people and entrepreneurs including famed Italian writer Alessandro Baricco as a small creative writing school - it was called Scuola Holden because it aimed to be a school suitable for Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of Catcher in the Rye.

It has grown over the years in a "university of creativity", now hosted in a former bomb factory. Its focus is fostering absolute creativity in different fields, from writing to cinema to digital.

Scuola Holden - interiors
Scuola Holden - interiors

Our workshop

Being famed as a storytelling factory, Scuola Holden sees the world as stories to be told, in every field. That's why when we proposed them a workshop on chatbots as a form of non-linear storytelling, we immediately got their interest.

Chatbots are intriguing storytelling tools, because they involve anticipating the answers of the reader; in other words, you've got to create a conversation, not a one-way narration.

Challenging students into telling a story using a chatbot is a leap into the future.

"An experience very useful and effective... Thanks for all the care you took for our students" (Alice Avallone, Digital College Program Coordinator at Scuola Holden)




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