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Museum and Digital Culture – the Book

We are happy to be part of an exciting new book published by Springer Nature and edited by Jonathan Bowen and Tula Giannini. Together with Ann Borda, professor at the Melbourne University in Australia, we wrote a chapter about Chatbots and Museums, highlighting challenges and opportunities of engaging visitors with Artificial Intelligence.

Museum and Digital Culture: the concept

This book explores how digital culture is transforming museums in the 21st century. Offering a corpus of new evidence for readers to explore, the authors trace the digital evolution of the museum and that of their audiences, now fully immersed in digital life, from the Internet to home and work. In a world where life in code and digits has redefined human information behavior and dominates daily activity and communication, ubiquitous use of digital tools and technology is radically changing the social contexts and purposes of museum exhibitions and collections, the work of museum professionals and the expectations of visitors, real and virtual.

Museum and Digital Culture: Table of Contents

Introduction: Digital Culture

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Museums and Digitalism

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Historical Questions on Being and Digital Culture

Polmeer, Gareth

Museums, Art, Identity, and the Digital Ecosystem: A Paradigm Shift

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Contested Space: Activism and Protest

Giannini, Tula

Past the Museum Floor: Criteria for Curating Experience

Tillman, Deborah Turnbull

Digital Road Trips: The Shifting Landscape of Digital Art Shows

Lambert, Nick

Rethinking Museum Exhibitions: Merging Physical and Digital Culture—Past to Present

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Rethinking Museum Exhibitions: Merging Physical and Digital Culture—Present to Future

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Collecting, Documenting, and Exhibiting the Histories of Digital Art: A V&A Perspective

Dodds, Douglas

Conserving Digital Art

Falcão, Patrícia (et al.)

Spatial Narratives in Museums and Online: The Birth of the Digital Object Itinerary

Dunn, Stuart (et al.)

How Museums Made (and Re-made) Their Digital User

Parry, Ross

The Digital Layer in the Museum Experience

Devine, Catherine (et al.)

Engaging Museum Visitors with AI: The Case of Chatbots

Boiano, Stefania - Borda, Ann - Gaia, Giuliano

Engagement at the Brooklyn Museum: A Case Study of Use Rate and Lessons Learned

Devine, Sara

Morphogenetic Creations: Exhibiting and Collecting Digital Art

Lomas, Andy

Evolving Installations: “Shaping Space”

Edmonds, Ernest (et al.)

Art, Life, and Technology, Through Time and Space

Gannis, Carla (et al.)

A Conceptual Artist Programming for Social Change

Ara, Rachel (et al.)

The Education of a Digital Fine Artist

Wands, Bruce

Breaking Silos: New Modes of Art, Education, and Technology Training in Museums

Flouty, Rosanna

Transforming Education for Museum Professionals in the Digital Age

Giannini, Tula (et al.)

Museum Libraries and Archives in the Digital 21st Century

Bury, Stephen J.

Democratizing Discovery: The Impact of Digital Culture on the Research Library

Siefring, Judith

Digital Culture Leaders Visioning the Postdigital Museum

Chan, Seb (et al.)

Smart Cities and Digital Culture: Models of Innovation

Borda, Ann (et al.)

The Digital Future for Museums

Bowen, Jonathan P. (et al.)

Museums and Digital Culture - Buy Online

You can find the book on the Springer Nature website.




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